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  • From my very first contact with BCE, I felt optimistic about the whole process of my applications and eventually in achieving my goal. Due to the fact that I contacted the office in May I thought it wouldn’t be possible to meet the deadlines, since I did not even have an idea of what I wanted to do exactly.

    My educational consultant invited me to a partnership under the guidance of which our goal was achieved. I sincerely thank you for all the help, support and loyalty towards my goal. Without this collaboration I would not have managed to leave next month!

    Zarifis I MSc Architectural Engineering: Environmental Design/University of Bath
  • The service was outstanding. I would highly recommend collaboration with BCE

    Lekkas N Genetics/Essex
  • I was always promptly informed on each stage of my application. In addition I really liked the fact that my preferences were taken into consideration and the whole process went smoothly in a friendly atmosphere. My educational consultant was always available to support me with any kind of questions I had with regards to my applications.

    Kiriazis D. Ulster University/Languages and Linguistics
  • Both guidance and consultation were outstanding and immediate. In addition there was an immediate solution to any problem I encountered.

    Sarikoulis S. Football Coaching and Performance/University of South Wales
  • BCE fully covered my requirements with reliable views on graduate programs. There was high quality cooperation and continuous efforts from my educational consultant, excellent communication and respectable relationships. In addition they offered me the most affordable price.

    Salanti C. Salanti C. Management and Information Systems: Change & Development/University of Manchester
  • I was pleased with all of your services and your staff. Special thanks to my educational consultant for all the support, as well as to Mrs. Anna Delimani who from our very first meeting helped me a lot.

    Aristotelis Betsis Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering/University of Strathclyde
  • I was from the first moment informed on all procedures and was given options and information without any delay.

    Patsos C. Haematology and Transfusion Science/Middlesex
  • Personally I worked closely with my educational consultant who is an excellent person. She exceedingly helped me to choose university and additionally offered me psychological support.

    Koutsilianos L. Aerospace Engineering/University of Sheffield
  • I am pleased with BCE services.

    Kiriazis N. Computer Graphics, Vision & Games/Aberystwyth
  • Our cooperation was excellent from the very beginning. Outstanding and thorough research for both universities and courses.

    There was excellent communication with my educational consultant who prepared my applications entirely (personal statement, CV) successfully. It was a successful cooperation in all levels.

    Kougioumtzis D. Plymouth university (Msc Network systems engineering)
  • The quality of services were excellent. My educational consultant provided me with personal guidance in all stages of the process. She was extremely well-mannered and always available to give me solution for any questions.

    Finally, I must admit that the psychological support provided to deal with the stress and insecurity so as to achieve my goal was exceptional.

    Voulgarakis K. Master Degree / Birkbeck College
  • I feel the need to express my sincere congratulations to BCE consulting agency and especially to my educational consultant for the excellent cooperation and professionalism demonstrated with regard to my request. Her willingness, consistency, and efficiency worked flawlessly in achieving the desired outcome.

    The services that the BCE provides are outstanding and by far, more than the expected as a result of the trust which is cultivated between prospective students and the educational consultant.

    Zampokas G. (MSc) Civil Engineering/University of Dundee
  • The guidance provided by my educational consultant and the whole cooperation was of the highest quality.

    Stamellos L. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering/University of South Wales
  • There was excellent guidance as to the choice of the graduate programme and university is concerned. Continuous communication and updates from the university. The program that accepted me was my first choice.

    Papathanou A. MA Events and Conference Management/University of Westminster
  • There was continuous information throughout the applications procedure, excellent guidance in the chosen field of study and a detailed presentation of each university.

    Finally, there has been excellent cooperation and I am very pleased that I chose the BCE team.

    Lamprou K. C. (MSc) Media Management/University of Stirling
  • My cooperation with my educational consultant was excellent. She helped not only in preparing the applications but with the proper management of communication with the universities. Whenever I needed her she was available and very helpful.

    She also helped significantly to get over my initial concerns about choosing a university outside London.

    Ladopoulos S. MSc in Ship and Shipping Management/Southampton Solent University
  • There was an excellent cooperation in between the educational consultant and the student.

    Immediate and complete information. Successful outcome!

    Vogasaris K. MBA/University of Westminster
  • Even though I had missed the application deadlines, with all the available support, I had managed to be offered a place from the University.

    Kotidou E. Psychology/Bolton University
  • There was excellent communication and personal approach. Polite and efficient. Μy educational consultant had the proper knowledge and professionalism.

    Fragkouli I. Royal Holloway
  • Helpful and informative.

    Stefanou V.
  • Excellent cooperation and understanding, friendly and warm attitude, Fulfill all set targets.

    Athanasiadou Z. Kent LLM
  • Excellent communication and service. Very good cooperation, trust and continuous assistance.

    Chionis F. City MSc in Maritime operations and Management
  • The Εducational Consultant was from the beginning exceptionally sweet, perfectly willing to help with everything over the period of our cooperation.

    She was very communicative and made me feel secure.

    Vasileva L. Anglia Ruskin Computer Games Art
  • We had continuous support from the Educational Consultant, in everything we needed with immediate contact and in a very friendly environment.

    Vandoros G. Anglia Ruskin Computer Gaming Technology
  • Recommendations I had from acquaintances were fully justified with your professionalism.

    Chionis G. Coventry Illustration & Graphics (2nd year)
  • The staff was very cooperative, available and willing to help at all times.

    Kostaki I. Aberdeen Law & European Legal studies
  • The overall atmosphere and the personnel of the company made me feel that I was in good hands.

    Ranis M. UCLAN Sports Therapy
  • Great assistance in choosing universities and courses. Thanks.

    Vosiniotis C. South Wales Aeronautical Engineering
  • Friendliness, professionalism, personal approach, special interest from the Educational Consultant.

    Kotidou S. Anglia Ruskin Drama
  • There was a precise direction towards the domain I was interested in and a thorough research in this field.

    Additionally, they helped me familiarize with the education system abroad. There was flawless professionalism in our cooperation.

    Emmanouil A. UCLAN Fashion Media and Communication
  • There was great support and genuine interest. The encouraging words even during my failures played a significant role in my acceptance from Laban and in the outstanding academic results.

    Thanks for everything and especially for the affection and psychological support, I would not have accomplished anything without you.

    Papapostolou V. Trinity Laban Contemporary Dance
  • I was adequately informed about the available choices regarding the courses and the universities and I chose the most satisfactory. There was a significant time saving as BCE took over the handling of translations and related documents.

    Zacharodimos K. Surrey MSc in Marketing Management
  • BCE experience on the universities and how they work and their ability to make you understand what it is you really want for your future, is understood from the beginning and confirmed throughout the cooperation.

    You feel like you have got somebody to talk to, who will offer you the best option, will instantly recognize all your worries and concerns and will advice you with honesty and professionalism.

    Zarifis G. T.U. Delft MSc in Civil Engineering
  • The quality of services was outstanding throughout the research and choice of the postgraduate course.

    The constant communication with my educational consultant was crucial for my timely information on the progress of my applications.

    Katapodis M. MSc Digital marketing and Analytics
  • From the beginning of our cooperation there was high standard service and guidance from your staff. Specifically, the educational consultant with whom I worked supported me psychologically throughout our cooperation and helped me in choosing the right course and University and she was always available to help at any time.

    Your help was invaluable! Without the advice and support of BCE I would not have made it.

    Thank you for everything!

    Karanikola E.R. Strathclyde Management
  • The environment was very friendly, the service was prompt and the interest you have shown significant.

    Davaria S.A Middlesex Biomedical Science
  • Working together with BCE was a great experience as the contact with all the team was immediate and to the point.

    Tsintila M.X. Sheffield Hallam University
  • BCE and I worked successfully together, as the end result was the selection of a very interesting course.

    All deadlines were met so we faced no problem.

    Baki G. Birmingham University
  • The information given on the available courses was excellent and that helped me to choose the most appropriate course for me.

    Contact with all members was continuous and I got the feeling that for every query of mine, there was a solution; that reduced my concerns and my doubts.

    Iatridou D. Bellerbys College
  • The information received was to my needs with prompt communication.

    The University suggested was one of my first choices.

    Ntilios A. Plymouth University
  • You were very helpful and we worked together with a great success.

    I am totally satisfied!

    Ksenikakh I. Edinburgh Napier University
  • Your assistance during our cooperation was substantial and prompt.

    Raptopoulos K. University of Surrey
  • Our correspondence was prompt and responding to my requests, exhibiting great interest.

    Xrysoulakhs N. City University, BCE Scholarship Winner
  • Contact on daily basis, expressing your interest for my individual needs.

    Papagiannh E. Cardiff University
  • Pleasant environment.

    Very helpful staff.

    Iwannou P. University of Stirling
  • High quality of services. Professionalism.

    Prompt response. Excellent cooperation.

    Karaminas X. Strathclyde University
  • The update regarding both the available universities and the procedure of my applications was continuous.

    Friendly approach and direct contact.

    Petta A. University of Edinburgh
  • The quality of the provided services was excellent, mainly because there was immediacy on my questions and queries.

    My goal to enter the University of my first choice was achieved.

    Doukas A. University of Southampton
  • You provided high quality of services at all levels.

    The cooperation and the customer care from your staff was excellent, informative and supportive leading to the achievement of my goal.

    Karanikola T. Strathclyde University
  • All BCE members were very kind, giving me the feeling of confidence.

    Koursopoulos A.E. Chichester College
  • The quality of services was excellent; all procedures were completed really fast. You showed interest and the results were immediate.

    Papastefanou N. Edinburgh Napier University
  • All issues were quickly solved by your executives. You showed understanding of my needs and professional maturity.

    Varsamhs K. Brunel University



Our respect concerning the career of each person, encouraged us to create an organization, whose members aim for the best and most authoritative information concerning lifelong learning and developments in education and culture, both in Greece and abroad.


Each individual, regardless of age, wishing to pursue or continue their studies, should know that our responsibility as an organisation is to provide reliable information and continuous support for each individuals’ academic, cultural and professional activities.


At the same time, the commitment to our roots and culture necessitates direct action in organising cultural events highlighting the uniqueness of our country. Education is the tool that can enhance this effort so that young people especially can be inspired by these activities to regain their faith and with us envision the best as educating people enables the qualitative improvement of society at all levels.


Being ourselves recipients of proper counselling at both academic and professional level, we are in a position to understand its catalytic importance. When we came to Ms Anna Delimani for career steps, she showed us in practice that the first thing in providing educational activities is the provision of the highest level of quality in service provision, in addition to active inclusion of vulnerable groups but always with the utmost respect towards the individual. Her advice, which went far beyond the bounds of training and took the form of initiation in the field, gave us invaluable knowledge from her 35 years in internationally recognised certified education and passed onto us her faith and vision, maintaining at all times the high level of responsibility. We are proud that we have been entrusted to continue her work and honoured that she will continue to contribute as an honorary member of our organisation.


Come and meet us, share with us our ideas and our vision to be the best in our field and we welcome you as members to work together for the better of all, giving equal opportunities to all.


Warmest regards,
BCE-Best Counsellors for Education


Τ.: +30 210 3638649

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Τ.: +30 210 3638649

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